Our Data Privacy Policy and Declaration

The ICFAI School of Science, Technology and Architecture is a constituent unit of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, a deemed-to-be-University, established under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956. The institute is engaged in providing excellence in technical education and created the electronic pages like website, face-book pages, instagram and twitter accounts to reach out the students, academicians and industry. Many students, faculty and others regularly accesses our website, face book, instagram and twitter pages and live their information, comments, requirements by filling the documents for information and seek further information by registering with us. Sometimes the visitors also post their contact addresses, phone numbers, e mails, some pictures, maps and images while requesting for the information. During this processes, our servers may catch up the IP addresses, contact numbers, contact addresses, and other personal information of the persons accessing the aforesaid pages. Visitors to the website may download and extract the location data from images on the website. Such information or others may be stored in the cookies of our electronic media and that information may be stored for some period as our electronic record. Some data or the information may be stored for temporarily, some be available for longer time in the memory. The comments of the visitors, the metadata may be stored in our devices and available for certain period.

We, hereby declare that, the data or and information provided by you is a classified data and we understand its importance and value. Our team strictly complies with the Non-Disclosure and confidentiality clause while processing that information. It is also assured that the data so collected at our end will be used for the purposes for which, the said data was posted on our electronic pages. We keep all your business information and assets confidential and safe. We do not monetize any critical information shared by our users. As an institution, we focus on delivering excellence education. The sole purpose of collecting and storing all your information is confined to that. We also assure that your personal data that is posted with us will be erased on your personal request.

Wherever required under the law, we will secure the data for administrative and legal purposes. We will inform the changes to the policy of the privacy and security as and when formulated by the institution and update on the website. We would be happy to address your queries on top of the information shared above.

Reach out to us: admissions.icfaitech [at] ifheindia.org