What after an engineering degree? How to foresee opportunities that will come in post-covid markets?

“The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you will need for tomorrow.”

Future has and will always be unpredictable. Today, as we stand and estimate the situation, along with being unsure, the future looks arduous as well. When the country’s economy is on the verge of hitting rock bottom, career apprehensions come unsurprising.

But, one thing is for sure. Revolutionary changes are going to take over the world at large. Not to forget, our young engineer minds who are excited to start their life with a myriad of dreams in their eyes, your future is as bright as the sun in the post-covid market.

The cloud name Engineering has a broad silver lining. In the given time, humans have analysed and realised more innovative ways of doing things. In many ways, this pandemic, if not opened, has made higher possibilities of employment in numerous fields. E.g. :

  • The crisis has spurred a digital transformation. Today, when every second business prefers to transform its work approach from conventional to digital, Cloud computing is expected to see a potential rise. The demand for software engineers will be more than ever.

  • Mechatronics engineers will be in demand to create robots to help the human in developing more robots.

  • Biomedical engineers will work on improved techniques for faster diagnosis of illness to eliminate every chance of re-occurring of the present situation

  • Chemical engineers, your future expects you to work on more efficient systems for fuel development, powerful medicine, and the next generation of plastics

  • Civil engineers chisel your skills and be ready to construct a giant skyscraper possible, allowing many people to co-work under one roof. And, not to forget, working on the newly introduced technology ‘self-driving automobiles’

  • Electronic engineers, you will bless this world with even faster internet, super-fast quantum computers. Equip yourself with the knowledge of augmented and virtual reality as you will be developing tiny headsets and glasses for a better experience.

  • How great would it be if you could work under Elon Musk’s guidance because demand for Aerospace engineers to design space and aircraft is going to be high for the foreseeable future

The future of innovation is going to be in your hands. A degree in engineering will be the most sought after. But the most asked question is what will get you to work in all the above-said fields.

Here are some tips that will bring you closer to your dream job after we bid a permanent goodbye to this uninvited guest from the world.

Education will play a critical role in clearing the stormy clouds and coming victorious out of them. If you think it is a waste of time to enrol in a new course, then you might want to reconsider the thought. The concept of a bright career may look vague now, but once it is all clear, the market will scream loud for skilled professionals. Get yourself enrolled in a certified college and work on your skills. Do not forget your soft skills as well. Get started so that when the times comes, you are ready.

Technology will boom all the more. You have to be in sync with the emerging technological trends. Areas like Data Science and Data Analytics will call in more and more professionals. More than developing and reacting, the professionals would be presumed to engage with and embrace the technology. You should be ready to deal with complexity and ambiguity and open to learn and adopt new technology.

Learn about the new concepts and trending topics. Automation is going to touch the sky in the coming days because it is cost-effective. Make yourself aware of everything related to your interest field.

Fresh graduates must focus on developing employability skills, including aptitude, communication, and technical skills framework.

Future is all about skills. One who has the required skill will make it big, and others won’t. It is as simple as that. The world will thrive on technical talent. The opportunities have been there before and will be there in the future. You have to make yourself so desirable for the employers that they couldn’t say no to you. The future for engineers is full of glowing opportunities. All you have to do is to have an eye for it.