10 Things to Consider While Selecting the Best Engineering College in India

The very fact that every year, more than 10 lakh students write for engineering entrance exams in India - speaks volumes of the popularity of engineering as a career here. If you are also the one who has decided to build a successful career in the field of engineering, you need to ensure your next decisions turn out as conducive. Selecting the right institution to study engineering is your next prime step. At the outset, several engineering institutions speak about their best achievement and facilities. However, it becomes your responsibility to evaluate their offerings and claims by referring to a well-researched checklist. We made it simpler for you so that you find your best bid. Look for the following facilities and the offerings within those to identify if you belong to that one institution you are considering:

1. Campus Culture

The entire transition where a student travels away from home and tries to adjust to the changes and demands of academics needs to be smooth. Here, an institution must provide an infrastructure that takes care of the overall growth, mental well-being, and inclusivity of the students. The size of the campus, cleanliness, access to basic facilities, indiscrimination, anti-ragging norms, etc fall in this purview.

2. Infrastructure - Labs and Research Centres

Along with theoretical knowledge, students must get exposure to hands-on learning. The institution must provide access to all the Analog electronics lab, communication, Digital and MT labs etc., to translate all theory into practicals.

3. Faculty and Teaching Methodologies

Several engineering institutions often get into the trap of one-sided interactive teaching. Better institutions rather choose to find alternative and unconventional teaching environments where feedback is asked for and received by faculty from the students. This helps in improving the value system.

4. Placement Records

An institution can promise placements only when the students are trained and groomed well. An academically strong student can ensure placements only when he or she knows how to leverage the academic knowledge into skills that show commitment, intent, and growth mindset. How industry-ready is your institution is helping you to become?

5. Curriculum Quality

An effective institution follows a well-defined curriculum. Distributed across different semesters, the course should undertake the internal and continuous evaluation. Some of the baseline curriculum shall be compulsory ad foundation-based to ensure the students study through a multi-disciplinary approach.

6. Branches

Engineering has several branches. When all the main branches of engineering are offered and taught together, a multi-disciplinary approach becomes a true success. Look for an institution that offers civil, computer science, mechatronics, electric, and Data Science altogether.

7. Hands-on Experience

Practical exposure builds your expertise strong and makes you industry-ready. An ideal college provides productive internship opportunities to its students which they can apply for right after their 4th semester. They indulge their students in ongoing development activities in their respective fields with their internship and certification program, eventually making them an ideal candidate for a well-reputed job position.

8. Affordable Fee

Always check the fee structure so that finances do not come in your way of engineering success. Look for installments and other options. Also, look for affordable institutions that bring the right return on investment. your family.

9. Eligibility Criteria

Check for Check if you are eligible to apply to your desired college as every college offers pre-defined criteria. It includes your grades in your class XII or any other national entrance exam score. Some colleges conduct their eligibility tests and do not judge you based on your past :)

10. Extra-Curricular Activities

A mind works efficiently well when it indulges in creative and fun activities along with academics. Colleges along with their strong academic curriculum have non-technical clubs to promote cultural activities. They have Music, Dance, Oratory, Literature and other clubs for the students to promote & keep their creative side alive. Apply for an institution that returns placements, personality growth, and success. Learn about one that fits well. Visit: https://icfaitech.admissions.ifheindia.org