Everything you should know about the Modular Program in BSc Data Analytics at IcfaiTech

Do you know what is a requisite to remain employed in today’s time? It is staying relevant. We must continue to learn, and update ourselves with the latest skillset and technology as we progress through our career’s journey. But the question of “how can we possibly nurture our skill and learn while working?” comes naturally. The answer to this head-scratching question is simple: Modular education.

Modular education understands the division of conventional course into smaller modules. It benefits the student on a large scale. It allows them to obtain a partial certificate that together combines into a full-fledged qualification. Anyone can join the course for whichever duration he\she likes. Completion of each module is credited by a degree. The program offers multiple entries and exit option to the candidate. Each module nurtures students skill set to eliminate every possibility of experiencing a lack of skill and expertise problems occurs at the workplace.

The epitome of academic excellence and the overall development of students, IcfaiTech at Hyderabad is one place to go if you are looking for a most sorted, flexible, updated and highly valued curriculum and learning environment.

For all our data and stats enthusiasts, At IcfaiTech, you can relish the benefit of the modular program in B.Sc. Data Analytics. To apply for it, completion of 12th with mathematics as one of the subject is necessary. B.Sc. is a full-time 3-year program. It is a complete graduation degree course. SciTech offers a modular program for this course which enables you to be part of it anytime you want. It doesn’t matter at what point of the course you decide to pursue your career, you will be given a degree at all level.

The course structure consists of 3 levels spread across 6 to 18 semesters:

  • Induction
  • Diploma: Diploma in Data Analytics
  • Degree- B.Sc. degree in Data Analytics

You can enter and exit the course at any of these 3 levels. At each level of this programme, the candidate is well-equipped and trained with skills to take up challenging industry problems in the field of Data Science.

How does it work?

To make it easier for you to understand, here is a simple-to-understand explanation:

Level 1, which is the foundation and induction level, comprises 2 semesters and an internship programme, completion of which will earn you a certificate in data analytics and add 44 points to your credit score. You can exit the program after completing level 1.

If after a little practical work experience of the field, you wish to join again, you can do so through Entry Level 2. After completing level 2, you will earn a Diploma in Data Analytics degree. Furthermore, you will also add 44 additional points to your credit score, making the total reach 88points.

Similarly, a student who has earned a diploma degree can re-enter anytime to get a B.Sc. degree in Data Analytics after completing 131 units.

The units of credit you earn at each level gets transferred to the next level every time you re-enter the program. What will you learn? Completion of the course will make you field-ready for data science.

  • You will have algebra, calculus and statistics at your fingertips
  • You will be capable of making data-ethical decisions for your organisation
  • You will get hands-on experience in computational tools and their relationship to the data
  • Understand basics in data analytics
  • You will learn in a professional and real working environment through projects and internships which are part of your curriculum.

Future Prospects:

The future is bright for all the students who wish to join the course, irrespective of the level. There is an escalating demand for professionals who have the skills to collect and analyse the data effectively. Jobs for the data scientist, data mining analysts, data architect and other data science professions have emerged all across the organisation and industries.

The programme is incorporated to make the candidate skilful to solve the industry on statistical analysis and computational tools. It is an era of digitalisation. Going by the facts, the global data market is likely to grow to $301 billion by 2023.

At IcfaiTech, you will learn with the best faculty and practice your theoretical concept in the real practical world. The institution is determined to provide you with a flexible learning environment where you will grow and learn simultaneously. To encourage students, IcfaiTech also offers impressive scholarship to some of the deserving students.

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